The next-generation µ-Cor System expands upon the previous platform to now include vital signs and arrhythmia monitoring in addition to measurement of a patient’s Thoracic Fluid Content (TFC) trends in various clinical and home environments.

Measurement of vital signs enables a clinician to have broader insight into a patient’s clinical status. Early detection of changes in these vital signs may ensure that appropriate treatment is provided prior to deterioration in a patient’s condition. The next-generation µ-Cor is intended for the monitoring of one or more of the following clinical parameters:

  • Thoracic Fluid Content
  • Heart Rate
  • ECG
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Activity Level
  • Body Posture

In addition to vital signs measurement, the next-generation µ-Cor features arrhythmia detection and calculation of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) burden. Patients with heart failure are more likely than the general population to develop AF (Wang TJ, Circulation 2003), while AF is also a strong independent risk factor for subsequent development of HF (Dicklstein K, Eur Heart J 2008). Detection of AF and other arrhythmias allows for appropriate medical treatment and symptom control.

The measured parameters are wirelessly transmitted to Kyma’s Service Center for analysis; no additional patient interaction is necessary to send the data.

To enable patient compliance, the next-generation µ-Cor has a low profile cartridge and compact design; it attaches easily to the patient’s torso and is water resistant to allow for continuous wear and monitoring.


The Kyma μ-Cor is an innovative system for in-hospital or post-discharge monitoring of patients with chronic cardiac illnesses. The Kyma μ-Cor is designed to accurately measure fluid trends in the thoracic region and combined with the analysis performed at Kyma’s Service Center, provide healthcare professionals with accurate and reliable information to support timely decision-making. By facilitating early intervention by the physician prior to deterioration, the Kyma system helps support the goal of keeping patients out of the hospital and improving patient care.

Specifically designed to facilitate patient compliance and improve data reliability, the μ-Cor is easily attached to the patient's torso and requires minimal patient involvement. Patients wearing the device have reported the device is comfortable to wear and has been easily integrated into their daily routine.

The Kyma µ-Cor is CE Mark-approved for monitoring of one or more of the following clinical parameters:
Thoracic Fluid Content, ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, activity and body posture.

CAUTION: µ-Cor is an investigational device in the U.S. Limited by Federal (U.S.) Law to investigational use only.


Kyma is currently engaged in the development of additional sensors and algorithms to support management of heart failure, as well as a variety of other chronic diseases.