Kyma has developed an innovative technology for accurate and reliable remote monitoring of chronically ill patients requiring minimal patient compliance. The company’s solutions rely on proprietary RF-based technology originally developed for advanced military and telecommunication applications. Equipped with years of experience in development of medical technologies Kyma's engineers have created a miniaturized RF-sensor-on-a-chip for use in medical applications.

Using its proprietary RF technology Kyma is able to provide non-invasive direct measurement of fluid trends, along with additional important measurements such as heart rate, respiration rate, posture, and activity level that are currently under development. The extracted data is analyzed at Kyma's Service Center by experienced and trained professionals using sophisticated algorithms to determine patient-specific trends. Once a potential deterioration in the patient's condition is identified, a notification is sent to the medical team. Studies have shown that early detection of patient deterioration allowing timely intervention by medical professionals can prevent the costs and clinical implications of unnecessary hospitalizations.

Kyma’s technology is currently applied via external use, and a subcutaneous approach is under development, thus meeting the needs of a variety of patient populations.

The Kyma µ-Cor is CE Mark-approved for monitoring of one or more of the following clinical parameters: Thoracic Fluid Content, ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, activity and body posture.
CAUTION: µ-Cor is an investigational device in the U.S. Limited by Federal (U.S.) Law to investigational use only.